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BelleCôte is revolutionary anti-aging skincare technology made with potent seaborne ingredients, which are developed by a team of leading scientists specializing in marine biotechnology. It combines unique, sea-based bioactive ingredients and natural phyto-agents with amino acids to quickly improve skin tone and firmness, fully restore radiance, and significantly reduce the visibility of pores.

BelleCôte laboratories carefully self-harvest their own seaweed and plants, or purchase them directly from old, family-owned farms that genuinely care about the organic nature of the plant, root, stem and flower. Each ingredient is thoroughly developed to promote vital effects. Cooperatively, other ingredients are derived from deep sea volcanic layers in the Pacific Ocean, where water pressure is extremely high. Deep sea minerals have ultra-healing properties, preserved in their unaltered and uncompromised origin. Under these harsh conditions of high pressure and volcanic heat, only the most resistant seaweed, algae, and micro-organisms survive and flourish.  

It is precisely for this reason that these sea plants develop extremely active and potent thermo- active cells that the lab expends. Furthermore, these deep sea flora are especially rich in glycolipids and phospholipids that are important in membrane repair. They ultimately stimulate the growth of fibroblasts which are responsible for the production of Collagen and Elastin. Also, organic sea ingredients promote skin detoxification.

Certain seaweed harvested and used by the laboratory are rich in natural phyto-hormones. Also, the lab cultivates phyto-hormones from Wild Yam. Diosgenin present in Wild Yam helps the skin recover its elasticity, slowing the edging process while helping the skin preserve tone. Furthermore, Wild Yam has significant antioxidant activity!

BelleCôte Botoxal: A new bioactive ingredient from Marine origin Botoxal is extracted from green and brown seaweed particularly rich in trace-elements (magnesium and potassium), and is recognized for soothing and moisturizing properties. Specifically, this unique Marine Botoxal will intrude into the releasing and the fixation of the cutaneous receptors of neuro-mediators. Afterward, this leads to a reduction of the contractions and, consequently, a cellular relaxation is achieved. What does this mean? A noticeable re-plumping effect is perceived! BelleCôte laboratory research attempts to seek out an expansive array of healing, emollient properties to promote younger skin. They have concluded that these properties are primarily sourced in the ocean with limitless potential to obtain new and effective ingredients. Oceanic chemical nutrients are readily absorbed through the skin.

The BelleCôte formula calls for a careful balance of Marine Collagen and Elastin, Botoxal, Marine Peptide, Tripe Active Pseudo-Microalgae Extract, Wild Yam and Evening Primrose Extracts, as well as nourishing Monoi, Jojoba, Perilla and Macadamia Oils. This pristine concoction of natural marine ingredients will heal, regenerate, and reenergize the skin, giving it a youthful look and lasting anti-aging effect in just a few short weeks of use. To produce noticeably astonishing results, BelleCôte uses bioactive agents, nutrient-rich algae, and protective antioxidant extracts coupled with the profound power of the sea for a total transformation and lasting healthy skin.

Today, BelleCôte continues to stay the forefront of evolution in skin care, just as it always has from the very beginning.

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